Alohas & glad to hear girls across our region are studying, staying active & enjoying time with their MS & HS teams, etc.  Again, we wanna thank you very much for your patience, commitment, loyalty & understanding in these unprecedented times & hope everyone remains healthy & happy with your families!
TEAM HIKI NO remains committed to getting our current & any interested/new girls back TOGETHER, learning, training & improving in our few months we have ahead.  Our TEAM HIKI NO philosophies, core values, expectations & objectives will remain strong in helping our girls grow into becoming their best possible versions of themselves, as well as best prepared for what lies ahead in our new daily routines.  We are looking towards BOTH the immediate & short-term futures at the moment & as things progress, we will adapt & prepare like we’ve ALWAYS done! Our awesome staff is excited to get back into the gym, hanging out at tourneys & club events, & seeing our families growing our THN Ohana even more so than ever!
* We plan to train mainly on Mondays & Wednesdays@Nexus Church (formerly NAZ) off Sylvan/Hwy 26.  We also have our new warehouse/gym located in N.Pdx near Legacy Hospital on all other days.  We plan to participate in all CEVA PL’s & Regionals.  Pls refer to our updated online calendar.
* We plan to field ONE u18s, up to TWO u16s, & up to TWO u14s (will include 12s with u14s as we’ve done in the past).  We heard that there are a # of girls that decided to opt out due to covid, chose another club, was not selected by other clubs for whatever reason, etc & we’ve remained steadfast on staying loyal to our girls & families & also OPEN to having other ‘NEW to THN’ girls & families join us.
* We also already started a few small group & individual trngs for those that have requested &/or remained in contact with us.  Costs will start with only a $700 payment for those that are planning & selected to be on our competing teams.  For those interested in just trng & lessons, pls send us an email (
Finally, thx again so much to all of you parents for being flexible, understanding & patient.  Certainly abnormal & unprecedented times with schedules, etc & look fwd to getting back in the gym trng together & improving ourselves on all levels! As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.  Take care & stay safe!
Again, MUCH 🙏Love 💕 & Alohas 🤙🏽  to you ALL….  HIKI NO!!!