Where in the World Is T.E.A.M. Hiki No


Duke Kahanamoku Statue in Waikiki

Sopkos at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Williamsons at Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada
Williamson Canada

Hinants in Gulf Shores, Alabama
Hinant Alabama

Mishs in London
Mish England

Coach Keoni and Randi in Mexico
Keoni - Mexico

Lanters in DC
Lanter - DC

THN at the Wills Tower
THN - Chicago

Bizzle in Arizona
Bizzle - Arizona

Jahzel in Hawaii
Jahzel - Hawaii

Gainers in Hawaii
Gainer - Hawaii

Bizzle at the Rose Bowl
Bizzle - Rose Bowl

Brenna in Mexico
Brenna - Mexico

Rachel in Texas
Rachel - Texas

Coach Suz and Ashley in Mexico
Suz - Mexico

Haylee on Maui
Jackson - Maui

Andy at In n Out in Cali
Andy - In n Out Cali

Maddy at Shake Shack in Vegas
Maddy - Shake Shack Vegas

Forncrooks on Maui
Forncrook - Maui

Blankinships at Mt. Bachelor
Blankinship - Bachelor

Coach Dan in South Korea
Santos - S Korea

Hinants in Maine
Hinant - Maine

Santos’ at Hermosa Beach
Santos - Hermosa Beach

Megan in Lake Tahoe
Megan - Tahoe

Coach Kyle in South Korea
Kyle - S Korea

Nguyen’s at the Vancouver Convention Center
Nguyen Vancouver Convention Center

Mike Berry at the top of the Sky View Observatory for the Firefighters Climb
Mike Berry Firefighter stair climb Sky View Observatory

Evie and Family on the Big Island
Evie Big Island

Kinley at the White House
Kinley White House

Katie and Scott on Maui
Katie Maui

Erika at the cliff dwellings in Colorado
Erika cliff dwellings colorado

Zoe at Fenway Park
Zoe Fenway

Kaitlyn in Myrtle Beach
Kaitlyn Myrtle Beach

Kat in Rome
Kat Rome

Croghans in the Caribbean
Crogan Caribbean

Maya and Samantha in Seattle
Maya_Sam Seattle

Bedells in Maui
Bedell Maui

Coach Dan and Rachel in Arizona
Santos Phoenix

Kalahuis at Wet and Wild on Oahu
Kalahui Wet and Wild Oahu

The Blankinships at Sparks Lake
Blankinship Sparks Lake

Coach Jess in Discovery Bay, CA
Jess Discovery Bay

Ngai Ohana at the National Parks
Ngai Ohana at National Parks

Yamamoto Ohana at Mt. Fuji
Yamamoto's Mt Fuji 2

Standley Ohana in Paris and Venice
Standley Ohana Paris_Venice

Coach Bryce at the top of Koko Head on Oahu
Bryce Koko Head

David at the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland
Dave Hobson The Old Course St. Andrews Scotland

The McEuen Ohana at the South Sawyer Glacier in Alaska
McEuen Alaska South Sawyer Glacier

Shay in the Big APPLE
Shay New York

Ali at the Seattle Aquarium
Ali Jenkins Seattle Aquarium

Natalie at Montezuma Castle in Arizona
Natalie Oleson Montezuma Castle Arizona

Katherine at Lolo Summit
Katherine Jesse Lolo Summit

Coach Jackie and Kevin in Cabo
Jackie_Kevin Cabo

Megan at Six Flags
Megan Six Flags

Jordan in Seaside
Jordan Seaside

Parents in Spokane for PNQ
Parents Spokane

Mary in Jonestown, Mississippi

Coach Kaiao at the High Performance Coaches’ Clinic

Beautiful Kauai
Kyle Kauai

Cathers Ohana at Disneyland
Cathers Disneyland

The crew at University of Oregon

Sydney Blankinship 3,500ft up Flattop Mountain in Anchorage, AK
Sydney in AK

Coach Kyle at Yankee Stadium in New York.
Dobashi in NY