Busy weekend as all teams were in action

This week’s Power League was a comeback story. We started out excited for the day, yet our team’s attitudes’ quickly dropped after losing the first set to Cowlitz. As we went into the second set, we looked defeated and going into the rest of that game our defeated attitudes got the best of us and we lost. The worst thing about that is the score was close the entire time but our mental game made it seem like we were losing 24-0. This mental attitude stuck with us through our next game against NPJ and we lost again. Our third game ended with a loss in the first set but then we turned our attitudes around and won the second and third set for a win. We carried that momentum into our tiebreaker matches against YVBC and Cowlitz. We won both of those games and went on to win our crossover against Athena. We used the last of our energy while staying mentally tough to win our final game against MAC, moving us up from silver to 7th in GOLD! As we move forward through the rest of the season, I think that we definitely need to stay mentally tough and play OUR game no matter what the score is. Overall I think we did a great job pushing forward in this Power League. Great job 14’s!!!



The last friendship tournament of the season was a great opportunity for all of the girls to get out on the court and incorporate the mental and physical aspects of training that we’ve been building up all season! It was exciting to see how far our serving skills have progressed in both consistency and aggressiveness. Communication on the court is still a constant point of improvement, but both teams exhibited mental toughness throughout several challenging points in pool and bracket play. We also saw tremendous growth in hitters’ and setters’ decision-making, due to greater awareness of the other side of the net and a growing knowledge of gameplay strategy! The girls did an admirable job of adjusting to different roles on the court and coming together to support each other and we’re excited to keep working hard and improving from here! Let’s go HIKI NO!

This tournament overall was memorable and a great learning moment for our team. The first day and a half or so we did really well, and we were all working together as a team to achieve our goals. We trusted one another and played our game. It was great to see our team working as a unit and knowing everyone was putting in their 100% effort. The last day of the tournament didn’t go as we wanted, but we recognized the things we needed to work on and reflected well. Overall, Colorado Crossroads was a super fun tournament and a great experience!