Congratulations to all of our teams on a season well done.  We’ve seen incredible growth from all of our players this year, and look forward to moving on to our summer season!

A few highlights of our finish:

12U go undefeated in their last 3 tournaments
14-1 finishes with a bracket win at WVC
14-2 show incredible growth to finish the season at WVC
16-1 win Silver bracket at WVC
16-2 finishes with a bracket win at WVC, advancing almost 20 spots
18-1 finish 5th in Reno
18-2 finish with positive results in Reno

It’s been a fantastic ride, and we will wrap up with our EOY gatherings this weekend for 14, 16, and 18U.

Thank you for all your support, and, as always, Hiki No!!