Both 18U and 16U were at the PNQ in Spokane this past weekend, this being the first national qualifier for the 16’s.  We were able to experience tough competition and many opportunities to grow both individually and as a team.  Although we would have loved to come out with better records on both teams, we’ll never focus on wins and losses. We will instead draw attention to the experience and the process of getting better.  As we get better we will win with more consistency, all the while instilling the values of a strong work ethic.

Up next for both teams are PL’s on the 7th.  16U will be in Springfield competing in Gold, and the 18U will be making the club’s first appearance in Platinum.  Do remember it’s about the journey of One T.E.A.M. To One Dream.  Best of luck to the girls this weekend and as always, Hiki No!