Alohas to our entire THN Ohana & hope all is well. Excited to share this mid-season update of our 7th season that’s off to a solid & promising start. Starting with our youngest group (u12s), we decided early that it was best to challenge this group that have combined to put in numerous hours of training & work all year round and placing them into the u14s age division. Along with an inexperienced group of 13&14 yr olds, both of these groups have come a very long way in learning the game & showing some serious upside. Their success in matches & tourneys have been to nobody’s surprise within the THN Ohana & the girls are seeing their hard work & efforts paying off. Keep up the great work Lil’ Giants!

Our two u16s and 18-2s teams have somewhat surprisingly & certainly positively bonded as quickly as we’ve ever seen. They have bought into the team culture & main messages of THN which has allowed them to focus on the important & necessary things for success both on & off the court. Their overall growth continues to show itself weekly & if their inner drive/determination strengthens as well, it will be even more fun to see these teams in action. After their upcoming Prez Day weekend tourney in Tacoma, our u16s group will head off to the highly anticipated trip to the beautiful Garden Isle of Kauai, Hawaii to compete in the annual ‘Waimea Town Celebration Volleyball Tourney” & spend a week in paradise for a bunch of awesome activities, fun in the sun & much deserved relaxation. Check back for pics, memories, vignettes, & once-in-a-lifetime experiences shared by our girls & families. Have a great trip ya’ll!

Next, we uniquely joined forces with our much respected & close friends from TrailsEnd this season to provide this group of great girls & families the most & best possible opportunities. As the cliche & quotes say, “Success never comes easy” & “Nothing is guaranteed” are two that reminds & drives this group early. As these girls start to mature, learn, & understand the nuances of themselves, each other & what it takes to truly be a TEAM & EARN success, they continue to grind daily in their training. With more individual ‘100% commitment’, this team will move closer to their true potential & their team’s success will become more consistent. Time & actions will always speak louder than any words… CAN DO ~ WILL DO!

Last but certainly not least, congrats to our THN alumns for all their success both on & off the court. Real world impactful jobs, internships, collegiate indoor & sand seasons, & all things FANTASTIC! Keep up the great work & thanks for always keeping the THN Standard of Excellence as high as you all do! Much Love & Alohas & as always… HIKI NO!!!