Three of our age groups were in action this weekend.  16/18 had their power league qualifier and 12s had a friendship tournament. Great weekend of volleyball!


The “12-2’s” were a little slow getting back into the groove of things but found their inner “spirit animals” soon enough – cheering with great enthusiasm in celebration of each other’s valiant efforts and successes and coming together to support each other as they faced some tough servers throughout the day. All of our serving practice seemed to pay off as well as we delivered some strong and consistent serves of our own, with Ella serving 9 points in a row to finish off our first win of the day! Overall, a very exciting day with tremendous growth. Looking forward to watching these young ladies continue to improve their volleyball skills and bond as a team.

The “12-1’s” started the day with a perfect 25-0 game led by the strength and consistency of Tehya’s serving. After an exciting first match, the team did not let up as they continued to impress us with their athleticism, energy, sportsmanship and teamwork. As the competition increased, they demonstrated resiliency and tenacity by finishing in the semi-finals of bracket play. We are very excited to finally see how these young athletes will compete at Power Leagues as they develop their volleyball skills.


The team really impressed me this past weekend. We took the top PVC team to 3 and really had a chance to beat them. We finished in the top of Bronze. We still made too many errors at terrible times, but it was fun to see the girls play with some fire!


The 16-2’s played a solid day of volleyball, with amazing serving & serve receive! They took 2nd in pool play, and finished the afternoon with a win & then a loss to a team they battled hard against. The girls did a great job of rallying and not giving up on balls, being smart, and communicating. Overall they had a great day & we were very impressed with their level of play!


“Life is not what happens to us. Life is what we make of it.” The destination of being the “best” 16’s CEVA age group for the 16-1 can often seem beyond the horizon line; especially after some tough losses to some great teams in our first power league. The girls know however that what matters most is not if we have arrived at our destination. What matters most is that we make the choice everyday, be it difficult or simple, to move toward our destination everyday.


This weekend’s power league tournament was a great opportunity for the 18-2 players to see how good they really can be. At times we played, as coach Courtney said, brilliantly. Unforced errors, particularly in the area of serving, continue to be an issue but we wholeheartedly believe that with mother nature’s cooperation, the next month of trainings are going to have a huge impact on our ability to control the controllables. Coach Di and Coach Suz remarked to each other more than once ‘can’t wait to see that team again in a few weeks’. Our claim to fame this weekend might be that we scored more points against Rimrock than 18-1. We’re excited about the season! Starting out at the top of bronze gives us some great goals to reach for and these girls are up to the task!


Following a solid start & showing in Eugene, our 18-1s entered PL-Qualifier with some uncertainty & excitement to get back into tournament play. After a tough match losing to a well-coached & tough PVC team in pool play, it was evident our team isn’t quite mentally tough enough nor sufficiently self-disciplined yet. Bouncing back with a quality victory against Excel, another team very similar to PVC, in the crossover earned the team an opportunity to play against another CEVA powerhouse staple, Rimrock VBC. Thru this loss, we will take the next few weeks to improve, grow & make the necessary adjustments/changes to help take the team to much higher levels both on & off the court. There are no other options & this is the way…the ONLY way, HIKI NO!