This weekend was yet another great learning and growing experience for us. We played so well as a team and it was amazing to see everyone and everything come together. There were definitely some rough patches but all season, we’ve been working on getting out of these spots and constantly fighting for every ball, and I feel that we accomplished that this weekend. As a senior, this was my last power league but it was definitely one to remember. I’m so incredibly proud of these girls, and so grateful to be apart of this team! I can’t wait to see what we can do at regionals!

-Alicia Vandervoort-Walters

This past weekend the girls pushed through adversity, continuing to build their skills as well-rounded team players and leading us to high points for the season! They were able to serve teams off the court and demonstrated growing knowledge on defense and with offensive strategy and execution. Overall the girls played together and displayed a lot of growth! Our goals as a team became more clear for our upcoming regionals to finish off the season! They continue to step up to every challenge on and off the court as we forge ahead to end on a high note at regionals!