All teams were in action the last couple weekends. Another big weekend coming up with teams heading to Vegas and Tacoma for President’s Day Weekend Tournaments Saturday thru Monday. Follow the action here:

18-1 Schedule and Results

18-2, 16-1 and 15-1 Schedule and Results


Power League Weekends

It was a tough weekend for the team as we encountered some fairly competitive teams in our Power League Qualifier. Facing girls much bigger than us across the net our weaknesses were readily exposed, but we focused on what we knew best – serving and passing. Our strong and consistent serving put pressure on the other teams as we persevered through serve receive rotations. Good weekend to see what we need to work on next to be ready to take on the competition next time!

The team showed significant growth in serving percentage since last Power League. The team has worked on consistent but tough serves for past 2 weeks heading into this tournament and we were very successful. The team managed an 87.9% serve rate which allowed us to get back in some of the matches and pull out a win on more than one occasion! Defense and offense started to shine as well, including match ending blocks and some awesome kills! The team also identified sets of growth potentials – an essential ingredient for getting to the next level. We are headed into R&R for a week and looking forward to get back in the gym to get back to work as we prepare for next set of tournaments (friendship, Power League and National Qualifier in Spokane)!

Rough start to the day but had a great win against NPJ in three sets! There is A LOT of room for improvement and growth. Struggled a little on serve and serve receive but once that was figured out, we were able to put balls away with no problem. All starts with the first contact! Main focus is ball control! Girls were assigned homework at the end of the day to talk about after R&R. Hope to come in next week hungry to be on the court!

We were at the Hoop in Salem for our last Power League and the girls did great. After a slow start in Pool Play the girls picked it up and started playing some higher level volleyball. We only lost one match, unfortunately that was the match we needed to win to move up into Silver. We finished at the top of Bronze and will hopefully be taking that jump to Silver very soon!

It is incredible what can happen when a group of individuals pull together as a team. We focused our energies not on our mistakes or insecurities, but ON THE GAME PLAN! The girls got a taste of playing well and will be training hard before the next power league (which seems like an eternity away) to hit an upward trend.

The team’s first power league was definitely a rough one, but the girls kept a good attitude and tons of energy through it all. And overall, our serve receive and defense were consistently solid! We are moving on with an attitude of determination, and a drive to get better. Moving forward we have lots to work on and we are excited to continue to improve all around!

After losing a tough first match of the day, the team came back to win the next two setting up a three way tie for first. Unfortunately we didn’t prevail in the playoff game, but the girls battled back to win their final two matches. The months of focus and hard work is starting to pay off. You can definitely see an improvement from the beginning of the season as the girls are starting to gel as a team. Everyone is starting to get a feel for their roll and and are starting to fill those responsibilities. There’s still a lot more road to travel down in this journey and this weekend will be a good test to see where we’re really at.

The girls came out ready to play Saturday morning; working together as a team. Each player focused on doing their job consistently and had a successful morning maintaining that focus. After finishing first in our pool, we lost a tough first round bracket match in three. However, because of the great finish in pool play, we were able to stay in the bronze division and will push toward making silver during the next power league. All in all, it was a great day for the team and they left Salem better players than when they walked in the door that morning.