Hope everyone enjoyed their spring break. Week 2 of PNQ in the books



We had such an awesome time being a team, hanging out and laughing together and playing games at the team house and enjoying each other’s company and friendship to build stronger trust and bonds – which translated to stronger trust on the court. The players made friends with players from opposing teams, including a team from Albuquerque, NM. Who knows if some of them become teammates when they go to next level (high school, college, etc.)! Many of our players never played in such a large venue and as we all walked into the Spokane Convention Center I can see an awe in their eyes. When players were asked if they were nervous before the first match, we all acknowledged butterflies in our stomach and talked about focusing on the game. And WOW!!! Talk about a growth! In each points played, the players learned and applied what they learned into the next point and it was very noticeable on the court.

16-1 Enough is enough

What a challenging weekend for the 16-1. Two matching going to 3 and losing 16-14 and 17-15 it could’ve looked a lot different on paper if we were to gut those games out.

However, that does not take away from the fact that the girls kept growing and improving. We mixed things up and in true Hiki Nō fashion we had girls doing things they weren’t doing in games all season but stepped in and crushed when they had the opportunity. Examples are Jordan playing middle and serve receiving, Gabby playing DS and Right side, Jenna and Madison setting after being hitters all season.

We are excited for the next part of the journey.

The 16-2’s played some tough competition this past weekend in Spokane, and had some great opportunities to be pushed & made better by some highly ranked teams. On Saturday the girls played hard & won a great match over a tough team to finish the day on a great note. Over the whole tournament we had great serve receive, lots of tough serves, and smart offense. We finished with lots of things to be proud of, and plenty of things to work on in preparation for regionals!