T.E.A.M. Hiki No is once again excited to offer an outdoor (sand&grass) training program to our region! Outdoor volleyball teaches ‘OWNERSHIP’ & players that take responsibility for effort, hardwork, & competing on a challenging surface will see noticeable improvements in their overall game! Our coaches will work with & teach the outdoor game of volleyball which differs from its fellow indoor game & very few can excel in both. Whether you have never played/trained in the sand before OR have some/lots of experience, we will help those that are up for the challenges & have a lil’ FUN in the SUN too! πŸ˜‰

We will also continue to host the biggest & best Jrs sand tourneys in our region & unveil the new points/rankings system used to help seed the legendary Seaside Beach Tourney (Aug 10-13th)! Our beach tourneys have had Jrs from all over our CEVA region & this summer we are very excited to welcome 20+ Jrs from ERVA & 10+ Jrs from PSRVB already confirmed for 2 of our tourneys this summer! The sand game is growing fast & provides another opportunity & avenue for Jrs to play collegiately! Tourney registrations will open June 1st, spots are limited, & more details to come…stay tuned!

To join our outdoor program, pls email us (team@jeremym57.sg-host.com) or contact Coach Kyle (503-318-0843) for more info…We will start on Tues May 30th! See u on da beach!!! πŸ˜‰