Busy weekend with the 16s and 18s at the Matt Hartner Memorial Classic

This weekend was a great example of how hard our girls know how to push themselves mentally and physically in new challenges. It was very exciting to see the girls play new positions and see them find their rhythm! They adjusted eagerly and positively to different roles and continued to support each other on and off the court. They are working on to build off of each and every touch taking advantage of every opportunity. Many improvements on our hitters being aggressive up on the net and taking it to their opponents. Along with tremendous work in the back row communicating and working as a cohesive group. All in all fun to watch the girls take steps in towards always growing and improving, taking advantage of their opportunities on and off the court to become better well rounded individuals and teammates. Let’s keep it up and row the boat! Lets go Hiki NO!

This past weekend was our very first big tournament of the season. As a coach, my team expectations coming into the tournament was to be as disciplined and open minded. Throughout the weekend, we had tried multiple different lineups, and the players were challenged to play a variety of positions. The first two days had challenged our focus. We had played against some technical and very disciplined club teams. On the last day, the team stepped on the court, mentally ready to play. The players were having fun and competing to the highest of their abilities. I do believe that team chemistry had played a huge roll in how the team performed on the final day. Looking forward into the season, I would like to see that same amount of fire and energy out of the team. I’m incredibly proud of how the team played this past weekend. Very excited for the future!!

Looking back, this was an exciting weekend of growth and changes. The team improved with every match they played. They started to buy in to the defensive mindset and what energy and effort can bring. The girls started the tournament a little nervous and unsure of what they could do. Each match saw players choosing to do something different and make adjustments. By the end of the tournament, the had shown the ability to play more consistent, play with energy and passion and had proven they could outplay and out execute opponents to finish out close matches. Proud of all the buy in and growth they showed and hope that will continue into next weekend and the rest of the season!