16u Friendship
The T.E.A.M. HiKi No 16-3 made their 1st appearance at the MAC Friendship tournament over the MLK Jr. weekend. Made up of 16’s, 14’s and 13’s players they rallied from a tough round of pool play to get 2nd place in the Silver Bracket. Having a solid foundation allowed the girls to quickly learn to work together and trust one another. What the girls lacked with experience playing and practicing together they made up for it with heart and positive energy. They were easily the loudest and most energetic team at the tournament as well the most exciting team to watch. Appearances by former HiKi No players and coaches also added to the excitement and fun which made this tournament truly memorable.

Matt Hartner Memorial Classic

“Continue to Grind, Grow & Get After It”! Our quote for the wknd which was the perfect summation of where we are at currently. This group’s main challenge is themselves & how they will each individually break out of their comfort zones & push their own mental limits in search of their true potential. When playing with self-discipline & sense of urgency, we play at our best & can compete at the highest of levels. NO MORE WAITING, Lezzzzgoooo!!!

Great work this weekend at the MLK tourney from the T.E.A.M. Hiki No 16-2 team! This group of girls set out to accomplish individual and team goals which led the team to some great victories and proof that the Hiki No culture is working. Team goals of bringing focus and determination was achieved by many. I am excited to see the continued hard work and growth to come. Dig deep!! Great job!!

It was nice to get out and play some games at a great tournament. The team was able to spend a lot of time together and see the progress they’ve made since the beginning of the season. Consistency with energy and effort was the big takeaway as this weekend was very up and down. With the first tournament of the year complete, we’re looking forward to qualifier this weekend.

“Consistency & Self-Discipline”! Clearly showed itself this wknd in Eugene… On day 1 & 3, we surely lacked it both individually & as a team resulting in poor volleyball. Let’s do whatever necessary to compete & come out like day 2 which was one of the cleanest, purist, & beautiful volleyball these girls have ever seen or been a part of. Even Coach Kyle was in ‘AWE’ & shared with the team & parents that it was one of the best & cleanest-prettiest days of volleyball he’s ever seen! Never easy, but hope this great group of girls realize the potential & greatness they are capable of producing TOGETHER! #HNLG