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“Hiki No prepared me in more ways than I could’ve thought possible. The coaching provides more than teaching the right skill set and demanding excellence, but also focus on the mental side of the game. The mental side is what can get you that win when you’re team is down in the fifth set 11-14, it’s the aspect of the game most look past. But Hiki No helped me grow that aspect of my game. They made sure I was fundamentally sound physically and mentally and that by far was the biggest factor that allowed me the opportunity to beat out competition my freshman year and become a true starting freshman. I was able to significantly contribute to my team for 4 years and I owe it to Hiki No. True and fundamentally sound volleyball is taught there and will take just an average player to a great player at the next level.” 

Brindl L. DII All-Americand settings.

“Playing for Hiki No has prepared me in endless ways. First and foremost, I learned how important mental toughness is. We often did mental sessions where we went over ways to cope with stressful game situations and, as a result, if my team or [I are] struggling on the court I think about solutions to the current issue.”

Milana I.

“If I were to take at least one thing away from Hiki Nō, I would take away the life lessons I have learned from this club. Each member of this club has produced a different life lesson almost everyday. One that stuck with me is no matter what the job is, whether it’s a school paper, an interview, or a big game, you ALWAYS give 110%. You go for every ball, you revise the paper however many times it take until it is perfect. You don’t get redo’s in life. You don’t get to say sorry. It is that exact moment that something happens, that you have to MAKE happen. Never give any less and always try to give more than your 110%.” 

Bri C.

“Hiki No is more than just a club volleyball team, it’s a mind set. I learned how to trust in the process rather than expect immediate results. I learned the meaning of being a good teammate and person. I also learned to never give up. Yes, Hiki No prepared me physically and technically for college play, but most importantly it gave me a good mindset to not only play but make an impact.

Sydney B.

“My three years at Hiki No made me a well-rounded player that has proved to be very advantageous at the collegiate level. My college coach feels comfortable putting me in multiple positions giving me a leg up on other players. In addition to the volleyball skills, I gained some of my best friends and people who have continued to support me even when I am states away.”

Isabelle P.

“I have been blessed to have been apart of T.E.A.M. HIKI NŌ. To be surrounded with a great group of teammates, friends and a coaching staff that pushed you to be your best possible self on and off the court. HIKI NŌ has not only taught me the fundamentals of volleyball but it has also taught me so many life lessons that I am still reminded of to this day. To always put fourth your fullest potential in anything that you do. When it comes to school I’ve always had to put extra effort into studying and by doing that I’ve succeeded in getting good grades. If you work hard then good things will come to you and that is something that HIKI NŌ has also taught me and that I’ve always strived for. After playing for HIKI NŌ I went and played at a community college for a year and after deciding it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, I worked hard outside of that. I moved up to be a manager at my work with just over a year of working, and I was a full time student. I knew that being in a position of a manager it was going to require me to push myself to lead a team of employees and continue my work at school which I was successful at doing. I think back to my time at HIKI NŌ and the memories that were made and the tools that my coaches taught to me as a player and a person. The coaches at T.E.A.M. HIKI NŌ are still my mentors to this day. I will forever cherish my time with this Ohana.” 

Brooke C.

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