‘T.E.A.M. Hiki No Beach’ offers Summer Sand & Grass Training Program
Our unique outdoor training program, mainly on sand surface, is open to boys & girls ages 8-18y & all abilities. All participants will be evaluated by the staff & placed into groups based on ability, age, & experience level. Players will learn & develop the fundamentals up to advanced skills & strategies through a mix of drills, games & competitive play.
[Please note: The following information may be subject to change.]
Schedule, Locations & Information Daily Hours: Monday (Grass) – Tuesday & Thursday (Sand)
Advanced/Apples: 8:30 – 10:30am
Beginners/Bees: 10:30a – 12n
Akamai Beach Tour Sand Tourneys (www.AkamaiBeachTour.com) held approximately every-other-weekend. Contact us or ask coaches for more details & suggestions!

Daily volleyball instruction & feedback
All players receive Adidas THN Beach Volleyball tank & ABT membership & tee plus opportunity to win prizes.
Fee: Option 1: $425 – 12 days (minimum)
Allows flexibility with family summer plans & travel.
Option 2: $495 – 16+ days (maximum)
Includes any trngs above & beyond the 5.5 wks (i.e. Pre-Seaside trng)

Players grouped by ability, age, years of experience
(2 groups: Advanced/Apples or Beginners/Bees)
Equipment Needed: Water/Fluids, sunscreen, & athletic attire.
Facilities: Beach Volleyball Courts ~ Gabriel Park (SW 45th & SW Nevada)
Grass Courts at Roxbury Park (SW Roxbury & SW Berkshire)

How do we sign up & register?
Please use following link to register & payment link can be found on bottom of the google form. Thank you & we look forward to seeing & working with you this summer. FIRST day on Monday, June 18th at Roxbury Park, ALOHA!!!