The 16-1’s played really good disciplined ball president’s day weekend. Our goal before the tournament, was that we would be constantly positive and cheering our teammates on. As a coach, I believe that the girls had kept our team goal in their mind while in play and had fulfilled it. I had asked the girls after the tournament “what was difference this weekend compared to the past weekends?”. The girls has agreed on one answer and that was, they felt like they had played as a team for the first time this season. I would have to agree with them. Changes were made when they needed to and we had won the game of errors. We forced a lot of teams to be out of system from our serving, and had minimized our own errors. I had seen a lot of improvements individually and as a team this past weekend. Of course, we still have a long ways to go. But I would like to think of this tournament, as a start to a great and disciplined team.

Started the weekend tourney a bit slow as we dialed in on our line up. What an opportunity for growth as we were missing two solid players out related to injuries. As the day went on our scores got tighter and tighter leaving us with a win over a much higher ranked team. With wind in our sails we continued to improve our performance and fought to our fullest with a Canadian team that showed such tenacity that the girls left the court with high spirits and a different angle on sportsmanship and athleticism! So proud to coach this team!! Dig it

This was a good test going up against some strong and well coached teams. It was definitely eye opening for some girls. We were able to serve tough which helped us narrow down the other team’s offensive options. In order to excel, more discipline will be needed on our side of the court. Headed for the home stretch of the season. Keep working hard!

What a weeekend! Almost back to full strength, it was fun to see this group get back on track. The weekend started with a little bit of nerves, but as the tournament went on the team started to find their groove. The last four matches of the tournament was the most fun to be a part of while also going up against bigger stronger teams. We were able to keep other teams away from their big hitters by serving tough, being smart with our offense and playing solid defense. While we can still work on consistency and discipline, the fight is starting to come back. Grow from this weekend and keep working hard. Only two months in the season left!