The 2014-15 season is off to a great start. 12U and 14U have had a good first two weeks of practices. 16U and 18U had their first practice at Adapt last week. It’s great to see the energy and enthusiasm. This is just the beginning! We have three more weeks of practice (and a friendship tournament) before we take off for winter break. A few quick reminders…12U parent meeting is Dec 1 at 7pm at the Church. 16U parent meeting is Dec 2 at 8pm at Adapt. Dec 20 is the club wide NCAA Championship viewing party. Location and more info to come later. Dec 21 is the First Annual Alumni Game. It will be 6pm at Prince of Peace with food after the match. All are welcome.

Only two weeks until the first tournament and three weeks until break. Push hard until then ladies, and as always, Hiki No!