The 18-1’s this weekend had shown a little more progress than the previous weekend in Eugene. The team had agreed that they all could’ve performed better individually and as a team. As the coach, I believe the girls played solid defense and serve receive. We still have a lot to work on, but the girls seem more determined now than in the beginning of the season. Looking forward to see what we can bring to the table in the next tournament.

After a strong finish at the Matt Hartner Memorial tournament, the group picked up where they left off. The success from the buy-in to energy, effort and defense along with the focus on specific areas and strategies are starting to show.

Guest author:
This weekend we came in determined to follow our successful weekend at MLK. As a team, we set the goal to continue to grow and not take a step back. We knew that growth could only be shown if we continued to trust on our team mates and our training. Challenge accepted. It was really fun to see girls picking each other up and cheering for our successes together as a team. When we put in the energy and effort, we could feel how disciplined we played, and the results followed. Certainly there were times, especially in the middle of sets, where we had to reset and pick up our game. There will always be a few aspects where we can work on, and I am excited to see this continuous growth throughout the season. Overall, I would say we had a successful weekend and we for sure had a whole lot of fun together!