Stay tuned for the State of the Club address on Thursday.

The Hiki No curve is starting to kick in. This was the most consistent tournament and it was nice to see the improvement since the last tournament. While finishing the day 4-1, unfortunately it was the one loss that kept us from moving up to Gold. Hopefully the successful day will be the fuel needed for the next week leading up to our first big national tournament next week.


The quote goes, “Adversity is what one must face in order to become successful”. After a solid first part of the season, adversity in a couple of forms/shapes/sizes have hit this team and how quickly and effectively they chose to respond, will show their true character! No time for excuses, only time and effort getting back to working, studying and improving themselves individually and as a team. Just 2 short weeks till Vegas Tourney, Lezzzgoooo!!!

This past weekend we focused on “Putting the FUN back into Fundamental’s” with a mixed team of 14’s and 13’s playing in a Friendship Tournament.

It was exciting to see inexperienced players taking advantage of their opportunity for meaningful playing time with energy, enthusiasm, and passion. Their inspired playing is a testament to all the hard work they had put in during the season.

In addition, we put the more experienced players into new roles and difficult positions to help them grow and develop into better all-around players.

Regardless of the outcome everyone had a great time with memorable individual performances that they can use to build upon for the rest of the season.