The team started out the day battling through the first two matches of the day. Being a point of emphasis, it was good to see the most consistent energy and play all year. The rest of the day saw the inconsistency from the week before. We were able to hold seed and head into the first power league in a tough Silver pool. We’ll continue to build our mental toughness and strive for consistency.

T.H.N. stood for “Toughness – Heart – Nascent”! With only 8 (of 10) players physically available with majority of them battling some kind of cold/sickness, this group gave a lot of themselves showing some true toughness, grit, moxie & pure determination. After almost pulling off a win in our last match of the day, it was a short but proud day for Coach Kyle & parents that encouraged & appreciated all that the girls brought & gave of themselves. Let’s get healthy & back in the gym to prepare for phase 2 of our special season together! Keep grinding, rowing, pounding & trusting in the process… Hiki No!

After a decent start battling against a well-coached & tough NPJ Bend team, our team couldn’t muster up enough to take care of business in our last 2 pool play matches & unfortunately continued on for most of bracket play as well. Hopefully a learning & maturing lesson in which will never be duplicated. Fortunately, there was a handful of good things that arose, was seen, & realized throughout the day that will be used to build upon for our fast approaching Qualifier #2. Confident we will take care of the necessary things & hold ourselves more accountable & responsible for the sake of the TEAM!

So proud of this team I am leading! Making big goals and learning all day. We went Undefeated for first power league. You will continue to grow with the hard work that you are willing to put forth. Such a coachable group. Communication and control of the game led us to victory. Keep the Hiki No spirit girls and keep reaching!! Big congrats!
Coach, Tammy Cooper