Guest authors:
This year had many ups and downs, but the positives definitely outshine the negatives. In many of our games, we banded together as teammates and a passion emerged for the game of volleyball that I haven’t felt in a while. During regionals, I thought each member of our team stepped up, each in their own way, and committed themselves to the concept of teamwork. I love these girls and their drive and only see us going upwards!

This season we had a very good group of girls. They were very supportive and we just got along from day one. This reflected on the court as well. Always pushing each other and striving to be better together. We definitely faced a bumpy road, but our unity and everything that was worked on throughout the season was revealed on our last day of regionals. As we played with each other and for the team, our success was achieved by winning our bracket and finishing our season strong!

Although this season started off a little rocky, everyone has grown so much. During the beginning of the season, we had trouble keeping our technique and energy consistent. We would start off with energy, then immediately lose it once we began making mistakes. At the end of the season, our consistency improved a lot. Especially during regionals, we would start off games, with a lot of energy, and keep it, even if we were down. This energy created a better environment for all of us, and lead to us getting first in our bracket at regionals! Our consistency might not have been perfect, especially in the second to last match of the last day in regionals, but compared to the beginning of the season, it was a lot better. This consistency made playing a lot more fun, because we were able to support each other, and were not as afraid to make mistakes. Playing with this team this year has been a lot of fun, and I can’t wait for next season!

This season has been one of the most challenging seasons yet. It started very slow, a lot of tough losses, but proved to be worth it because in end when we came out much stronger than we were before. This year, our biggest struggle was being mentally tough, but I think at regionals we were able to pull ourselves out of the negative mindset and finally play together and have some fun. This season, we grew not only in Volleyball, but also grew closer as a team. Although a lot of us have played together in years past, it felt like this year we grew closer than we ever had before. We’ve become more of a family and I’m so excited to continue together in future seasons. Love you all so much

This team took to the court with fire and determination that was unprecedented. As their hearts filled with celebration after celebration their faces gleamed with excitement. From the sidelines I could hear parents and coaches talk about what growth they could see and the level of play that was exceeding expectations. I have had the pleasure to lead this team along with my fellow coaches to a higher standard on and off the court. Goal after goal after goal helped us get to regionals and leave knowing that we gave 110%, our record 5 W 1 L. I would like to emphasize that this team became a family in less than 5 short months. Those of you that truly know the game understand the depth of obstacles that stood in the way. As a player ended our time out cheer over and over again “family” I believe that the girls felt the power that Ohana brought! Although our loss in our final match will be hard to reflect on, I encourage parents and players to hold onto the positive attributes each player brought and also to the strength of the team overall. These young ladies filled my heart and I am so so proud of their accomplishments and look forward to seeing them reach for new goals and aspirations. Keep reaching and keep diggin❤️
Coach, Tammy

Guest authors, the Seniors:
All season, the goal the 18-1’s set for themselves was to be top 10 in the CEVA region. They accomplished this goal at regionals this past weekend. This past weekend was a good way to go out of the club season, especially for the seniors. On Saturday, the 18-1’s sadly fell short the first 2 pool play games by very few points in close 3 set matches. The 3rd team was one that that they have faced all season, and they knew they would not be easy to beat. The 18-1’s came out with a win, ending up 3rd in pool, putting them in the position of a crossover game. The crossover game was an exciting one. Winning the first set and falling short the second set, came down to a very important third set. Starting out strong, the 18-1’s won this match and earned their spot in the gold division, top 8 in the region. On Sunday, the 18-1’s ended up facing the #1 ranked team in the region. Despite the loss, they put up a good fight. The next game, a good fight was put up as well, but came out with a loss in the 3rd set. No matter how many wins or losses the 18-1’s has this weekend, they were overall satisfied with the season and were happy they reached their overall goal of being in the top 8 in the region!

And a message from Bella: Playing for Hiki no the past 3 years was the best decision I could’ve ever made. I would like to say thank you to all of my coaches and teammates over years that have been part of my journey. I would not be who I am today and would not be able to continue my dream of playing college volleyball without all of you. I love you T.E.A.M. Hiki no!!!!!
P.s. for all you young girls out there, if you have a dream of playing collegiate volleyball, you can do it. Just keep working hard, always stay positive and good things will come to you!

Guest author Alex Gainer:
This year has been a rollercoaster for the 18-2s team. We’ve had many great memories and grown close as a small family continuously supporting each other on and off the court. As a senior, I can easily say this is one of the best years I’ve had on a team and the most I’ve grown with a team. On the court we learned how to adapt to something new whether it be missing a player or gaining new ones. We never had a dull moment with each other and had constant love and positive energy. Ending our season 5-1 at regionals and battling through it ending with a win. The team left it all on the court and played some of the best volleyball we’ve played all year. Thank you to the coaches for believing in us and giving us their best to help us through even though we are not the biggest and strongest team. To the parents and girls on this team, I just want to say thank you for giving me a wonderful season and long time friends.