14-1s: “Quality Touch” was the quote for the day while incorporating and improving on everything we’ve worked on since the start of the season. It was evident that when we did what we were supposed to, the girls and team experienced success. As a good learning tool, we will take and use our mistakes (both good and bad ones) as fuel to work harder and build more mental toughness for short and long-term growth! One important friendship tourney this Saturday plus a few more trainings to clean up some things before our next PL… HIKI NO!

The 13-1’s went 3-2 on their second qualifier and will be moving up another bracket for Power League. After a strong 2-0 start, the team faced their first real challenge of the season. Even in defeat our girls played fundamentally sound volleyball and made the other teams earn every point. The girls responded with grit, determination, and a “never die” attitude, especially after losing their team captain, Tehani, to an ankle injury. Their play, sound technique and energy throughout the tournament earned them the respect and admiration of the opposing team players, coaches and parents.