In the morning we had a difficult time . Our pool brought us lots of challenges that we needed to execute and play defense on. Our team had faced lots of competition than the last tournament, so our team had to stay discipline and positive. I can say we were on a slippery road but we fought through it . We stayed strong and pulled it together for bracket play. We played NPJ for the first game of bracket , this game we had to push and play OUR game . We won the crossover. The team was staying positive and had a winners mindset. Throughout this day the bench stayed loud . This tournament moved us up to rank #11 , and was an amazing experience to play these teams. We can say we learned lots, gave us a glimpse of what we need to work on and play our game on our side of the net. Overall this was a great tournament and can’t wait to compete at the next one
Thanks again,

Tehani Militante