We started the day with great and positive energy, focus and determination. All players on and off the court worked together and celebrated each other’s success as their own and there’s nothing the coaches can be more inspired and proud of to watch these young athletes taking accountability and grow at each and every opportunity – probably more so than actually winning a match. We also focused on strategic offense, including hitting to the corners for middle hitters and pin-hitters mixing in tips over the block for points.

Highlight of the day was that even when we had ten-point deficit, the players still managed to work together to come back and win the set.

As we head into last phase of the season, we are looking to get back into the gym and focus on bettering our volleyball IQ to play smarter rather than just playing harder.

As a team, our 14-2s agreed to make it our goal to be the most energetic and aggressive team at the tournament. Setting this goal helped us stay engaged during every point, including the bench. We did a great job of attacking every ball that we could instead of playing it safe. There was a couple serve-receive ruts but we managed to get out of those quickly and bounce back! A tight first match against NCVBC showed the girls how important it is to do their job and focus on making “good mistakes”. The girls are still clearly grasping what it means to have a sense of urgency but they are getting there! So great to see everybody on and off the court have such a great attitude! Overall a day that showed good growth.