Great end to the season for the 13/14u group who combined to finish the Regional weekend at 10-2 with the 13s taking home a bracket win!

The Hiki Nō curve in full effect baby! A great coach once said “Offense brings the crowds, but defense wins championships”. With very little offense we sure played outstanding Hiki Nō Defense, which kept us in so many matches over the years. This year we really proved it with our young 13’s and stopped many teams in their tracks, Teams we had no business beating because we were undersized, overpowered, and less experienced.

Blood, sweat and tears were all left on the Expo Center Courts as the girls overcame multiple injuries (with the support of an amazing bench) to go 6-0 during Regionals.

It wouldn’t be at all possible, if we were to take just any kid. We truly believe in Good Families, Good Kids! HUGE MAHALOZ (Thank You) parents for another amazing year of Club.

This past weekend at regionals our 14’s girls brought it all together. They fought back in every match whether it was playing from behind or adjusting on defense. They pushed through when it was close and finished the tournament with never giving up. The growth from the entire season came together in the end. Their improvements in talking and technique we have been working on started to click and the growth mentality was seen on the court as a whole. Great experience for these hardworking amazing girls!

THN made a long overdue return to Reno for the annual Far Westerns JR Qualifier this past wknd. “Hold yourselves accountable” was the quote of the wknd as we (16-1s) battled for most of the weekend. After a rough first 2 matches of pool play on day 1, another talk with the coaches was needed & girls/team responded with much better effort & accountability leading to a much better showing & close loss to another tough team to close day 1. Day 2 brought a turnaround with a big win against the always tough Idaho Crush club & a well-fought loss to the team from AZ. Our tourney ended on a sour note with a memorable loss to region foe MAC that we will forever hopefully be remembered as “the match that woke us up & forced change within”. Coaches are anxious & excited to see who responds & shows growth this weekend at our CEVA Regional Tourney… HIKI NO!!!

This team started the journey at a pace that left a lot of room for improvement mentally and physically. This stated, I want to point out the depths that they have grown to be able to make changes and create a solid third day!! Grasping the qualities of integrity and accountability were achieved at a whole new level, on and off the court. For those who have been part of this process and growth …congratulations!!!! Let this be a window for what’s to happen again as we approach regionals. Keep up the hard work, determination, and leadership that creates higher and higher goals. Keep diggin!!
Coach, Tammy aka Tam Tam