The 13-1’s along with their coaches and parents were on an emotional roller coaster ride during the PNQ weekend. There were highs and lows throughout the tournament playing against some of the best teams in the nation. Great memories were made on and off the court as our girls met tough challenges with amazing grit, determination, and relying on one another in the true spirit of “OHANA”.

This tournament was a huge weekend for learning. Sometimes it’s not the skills and abilities shown on the court, during the game, but the ones that are shown off the court or on the bench. That being said, we played smart against some very hard teams and came out on top of some really great games. We are really proud of our girls. They learned a lot from the teams we got to play and will now be even more ready for this weekends power league!!! T.E.A.M. Hiki Nō leeeeezzzzgggoo!!

I am very proud of how the 16-1’s team performed this past weekend. I thought that a couple of the girls really stepped up their game from the previous tournament. The team’s strength this tournament, had to be defense. That was the best defense I’ve seen out of this group all season. The girl’s did a good job staying disciplined on their platform and body positioning.

I’m excited to see more improvements in their up and coming tournaments.

Summing up this great weekend with this 16-2 team leaves me with high hopes for this next power league. As I hear parents speak of players improvements, I smile knowing that they are still reaching and striving for set goals and expectations. Day two of the tourney was a highlight with controlled plays setting them up for victories all day!! Support from our team parents is outstanding and I couldn’t ask for a better crew to take care of these young athletes. Team Hikino lined up the bags (respect) and then the side courts to support fellow teams after there am pools (spirit). So proud to lead this talented group. With respect and spirit you will continue to inspire!!
Keep diggin, Coach Tammy