Well 12’s life is coming to an end for 2017 and this roller coaster ride was up hill both ways. Our last power league revealed lots of great key points for our last push into regionals. Couple of key points were playing with a lead and never letting off the gas, which was one of our worst struggles and another great key point was regaining our composure after losing a close set, coming out of the break with confidence and “Hiki NO” attitude. With this type of mindset, it not only prepares them for the near future (Regionals) but also for the rest of their lives (life lessons).

Long story short we finished 1st in pool, then dropped a crucial match to Webfoot in then SEMI’s, then won 1 game to 25 against NW Reign, which seeded us in the TOP 16 for regionals at #15 seed. WOOOOOHOOOOOO *chest bump* *high-FIVE*

With the changes to the format for regionals, we got to finally show our 12’s off to the whole club as we had to play a final match for final rankings going into regionals. We faced off against NW Elite…….With the amount of Red and Black in attendance you can say we clearly had an advantage, sweeping NW Elite in 2 sets and finally solidifying our spot in the top 16’s for regionals. Great work ladies, “nothing can stop us, cuz were all the way up”………See y’all this weekend

The 16-1 suffered a tough loss with Jahzel getting injured. Our thoughts are with her as she learns and trust the process. She’s been awesome and still attending practice and supporting her team.
One of the constant themes from the power league was that the team was always on the attacking. We are looking forward to regionals and having another chance to learn and grow and earn our experiences.

The 16-2’s had a great last power league, with solid serving and serve receive, and lots of exciting plays. They played hard and committed to the goals we set for the day. We finished the day with only 2 losses, and ended on a great win. It was a sweet note to end on before heading to Regionals, and we are excited to finish off the season on just as high of a note!

It was another day of growth, opportunity & learning for our 15s playing in the 16s Silver division for the first time all season. Won a well played match beating NCVC in pool play for our only win in the morning to force a 3-way tie for 2nd & lost to that very same team to put us at 4th. However, in bracket play we came out with a renewed sense of urgency, focus & determination & was able to beat a very solid Volleyball West team which was one of, if not, our best ‘TEAM WINS’ of or season. And finally in an epic & fun finale, we huddled up & lost via ‘rock-paper-scissors’ match for the consolation title. Overall a solid & long day for all putting us in a good & hungry mindset for regionals!

With the addition of a few players, the 18-2s took the court on April 22nd at the Trails End friendship tournament. TEAM Hiki No came out on fire and continued to progress throughout the day. With excellent defense, beautiful sets from Kira, and some smart plays and power from the hitters, the players went undefeated the entire day, not even dropping a set to their opponents. They showed mental toughness by consistently playing to their level and they also displayed great discipline by being in the correct spot on defense and making plays. Lastly, the players showed much growth in their communication skills as they were constantly talking about what was going on and what was open for the hitters. All in all, it was a great day of successes and growth for the modified 18-2s team.