T.E.A.M. Hiki No 12U, 14-1 and 2, and 16U all competed in tournaments this past weekend.

12U were at a friendship in McMinnville, having a successful morning of growth and playing well into the afternoon to capture their bracket.  T-shirts all around!

14-1 and 14-2 had their first Power Leagues on Saturday, with the 14-1 in Silver and 14-2 in Conquest.
Both teams were able to take advantage of a month of training between tournaments and come out strong.
14-1 went 4-1, for the day, winning the Silver bracket and moving up to gold.  14-2 got a quick start going 5-0 and winning their tournament on great serving and ball control.  The tournament win will take them up to Contender.

16U also had their Power League on Sunday, which was hopefully a great learning experience for a talented young group.  While dropping down to Silver is not the ideal result, Hiki No volleyball is not and will never be about the wins and losses.  How much can you learn from your experiences then and how will you push forward?

17U will be in Seattle for the NW Juniors President’s Day tourney and 18U will be off to Vegas shortly!  Best of luck and safe travels to you all, and as always, Hiki No!!